Lelantos is a tool that allows matching of multiple peptides to a protein or genome (translated on the fly) database in one pass.

Console Application

The console implementation below is intended to be incorporated into computational pipelines or run on the terminal or console.
Download Lelantos Executables
Help for console applications

Standalone with GUI

The above console implementation can also be used with a graphical user interface. Additionally, it allows to enforce tryptic cleavage rules during the mapping phase.
Help for GUI
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Video Tutorial

KNIME Workflow

The console implementation can be incorporated into workflow management systems like Taverna, Galaxy and KNIME. Within KNIME, Lelantos seamlessly interfaces with OpenMS. Additional nodes like enforcing enzymatic cleavage rules further enhance user control. An example KNIME workflow can be downloaded. Download example workflow
Help for KNIME workflow
Video Tutorial


Available Downloads


Canan Has or Jens Allmer. For any question, please feel free to contact us at


I am trying to run Lelantos but I get an unsupported version exception e.g.:

Lelantos was build for java 1.6 (Java Version History) and works starting from the release Your java version seems to be older than that. Please update to a more recent version to solve the problem.